Booking System and EPOS Solution

This booking system was developed originally for a trampoline park called Air Kings. But it its now used at many parks in the UK and Europe.

This booking can easily be used and adapted for many types of business including trampoline parks, skate parks, inflatable parks and play centres.

The booking system is made up of 2 key parts

  • Website - so users can register, book/pay online, fill waivers in etc..
  • EPOS System - allowing face to face interactions and card/cash payments.

What the inital goals were:-

Trampoline Park Booking Select A Slot ScreenshotDev Guy developed a website for a trampoline park. It has been developed from the ground up, specifically for the use of allowing customers to purchase sessions at the park.

The client Air Kings website and park.

The clients key goals of the site:-

  • The website has to be fast and the booking process as simple as possible.
  • Extremely easy to use, so that clients can book.
  • The website is fully responsive, works on desktop, mobiles and tablet devices.
  • The booking of sessions needed to from a pool of configurable sessions.
  • Party bookings required.For a limited number of parties per day.
  • Customers need to be able to complete a waiver process, as part of the booking.
  • 2 age groups are supported toddler and everyone else (Standard).
  • Once a waiver has been completed. The waiver can be used again for the people named on the waiver. To speed up repeat bookings.
  • Any part unpaid for bookings that have been abandoned for x minutes. Are to be removed from the system, so as not to take up sessions.

Demo Site

Try it for yourself or see clients sites below:-

Key Functionality

Key functionality of the finished website:-

  • Users, can register, login, book a session from an available session.
  • View interactive timetable of all activities, clicking on the timetable selects the session and starts the booking process.
  • Booking via looking at availability today, or by interactive timetable.
  • The site waiver process, is quick and easy to use.
  • Existing waivers can be used when rebooking.
  • New waivers can be created by selecting individuals who you have booked in before.
  • Pay online via Global Pay or World Pay.
  • Users can view their future bookings.
  • Banners and Gallery functionality to show your park.
  • Integration with Social Media via Like/Follow and optionally Social Media Publishing.
  • Configurable countdown timer, which is shown throughout the booking process, to urge the user to finish the booking.
  • Unique Gift Vouchers can be assigned to users emails, giving them credit towards future bookings.
  • Loyalty Bookings Book x times and get 1 free.
  • Facebook Login - to reduce time of registering and future loggings.
  • 25 Financial and Capacity Reports.
  • Security levels, so different staff members can have different levels of access.
  • Coupons - to discount sessions.
  • Reception Screens, so people can book in at the park.
  • Now with Multiple Park support, through 1 website.
  • Integrated into EPOS Now, take card payments and bookings onsite as well as online - keeps track of bookings and spaces available all online.
  • Multiple payment providers, so can take card payments and deposit money in most banks in Europe.
  • GDPR compliant, includes:-
    • Privacy Policy
    • Sign Up and Edit account, which includes the necessary checkboxes
    • Auditing of which privacy policy, terms customer has signed up to. They are Version tracked.
    • Edit your own privacy policy and terms and conditions.
    • If you change the policy/terms you can force users to resign on next login.
    • Loyalty scheme sign up.
    • Download User Details
    • User and Waiver Data Encrpytion to keep personal data safe.
    • GDPR Booking and Waiver anonymiser, after x time. So that data is Anonymised automically over time. But leaving calculated finance reports working.
    • The ability to delete an account, if requested. It uses the anonymiser process, so the finance reporting is un affected.
  • Trampoline Park Admin Opening Times ScreenshotA restricted Admin area, which is all about park setup. Which contains:-
    • Lots of Configurable options prices, sessions per hour, number of party rooms available etc.
    • Default opening hours configuration, so that slots can be purchased only when the park is open.
    • These opening hours can be completely overriden. An example of this, Bank Holiday Monday and school holiday opening hours, will be different than normal opening hours.
    • Closed Times configuration. Setting times when the park is closed. This can be for a full day or for a few hours.
    • Party Hours configuration. Default Party Hours. Setting the default party times per day.
    • Party Extras, add whatever options you would like, for people to book. Whether its party bags, balloons etc.
    • These party hours can be overriden, allowing maximum flexibility for times of the year. School holidays etc.
    • Special Offer Configuration. This can be utilised in 2 ways. To reduce prices and highlight a special offer during quiet periods. Or utilised to increase the price during peak periods.
    • Special Offer/Events Builder. Build regular sessions for weeks in advance in a few clicks. These automatically show up in the Booking and Timetable screens.
    • Peak Time configuration settings, to insist that over 16's supervise Toddlers for safety at busy periods. Toddler to x Standard ratio.
    • Staff Clock On/Clock off Module, with Summary report, to assist with Payroll.
  • Trampoline Park Management Screen Daily Bookings ScreenshotA restricted Management Area, used for managing bookings.
    • It allows you to manage and process your bookings per day, into the park.
    • Check each booking into the system when they arrive.
    • Take a webcam picture of the booking in individuals. So the next time they book. They see pictures of themselves, when making a booking. Makes it easier for staff running the park etc and personalises the experience for the customer.
    • Gift Voucher management.

Windows 10 Support

The Trampoline Park Booking Software is supported by Dev Guy on the following editions of Internet Explorer 9+ and Microsoft Edge and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Campatible

EPOS Now App

Dev Guy is an EPOS Now PartnerDev Guy is an EPOS Now Partner, so can demo and assist with the order process.
The booking system/website integrates with EPOS Now system. The UK's best EPOS system.

EPOS Now Till

The trampoline park software works with its own dedicated app:-

  • Book people in who have booked online
  • Allowing receptionists, to register and create a booking for a new customer.
  • Take card/cash payments onsite. Card payments are taken via a Card Terminal. (WorldPay option - In Uk. In Europe via a European card provider EMSPay)
  • Any bookings/payments made in the EPOS Now App, are recorded immediately in the Trampoline Park system.
  • The website communicates with EPOS Now App on the terminals, so Staff members are added/removed from the EPOS Now system.
  • All the website features are available in the EPOS Now App.
  • You can have as many EPOS Now systems as you like.
  • Use the EPOS Now system in cafe/shops and restaurants.
  • EPOS Now comes with a Back office Admin area online, to setup products etc and view reports

EPOS Now Brochure

A few screenshots:-

EPOS Now Payment Screen EPOS Now Timetable Screen EPOS Now Book as Scren EPOS Now Manage more than 1 park

Skate Park

Dev Guy used this system for a skate park booking system.

Inflatable Park

Dev Guy recently used this booking system for an Inflatable Park.

Lazer Park

Dev Guy recently used this booking system for an Lazer Park.

Climbing Centre

Dev Guy recently used this booking system for a Climbing Centre, complete with Climbing Questionnaires.


Dev Guy recently used this booking system for a gym. Complete with Gyn Fitness Questionnaire

Payment Partners

Dev Guy Payment partners.

Working with the following payment providers Dev Guy can take card payments and return the money into banks throughout Europe.


Dev Guy clients.

Purchasing the Website for your Park

If you are interested in purchasing the website for your park. Then please contact Dev Guy. We developed and own the code for the site. So anything you want customising and changing from the look to the functionality can be changed at your request.

Finance Agreement

Finance options are available for businesses, to help spread the cost of your booking system/development.

Finance has to be agreed through a 3rd party finance company.