Online Store Development

Shopify Stores

Dev Guy online store development is completed on the Shopify platform.

Aces & Dolls

A Professional Nail Products company called Aces & Dolls.

The client wanted a clean, minimal look but also using their branding and a vertical navigation bar, to stand out from their competitors.

Aces And Dolls

Slush Cups

Slush Cups had an existing website, but it was a bit dated and hard to use to process orders. It was also very slow.

Moving to Shopify with its sleek backend and Mobile Apps, allows easy management of the website on the road or in the office.

Website performance is now fast and sales have grown.

Slush Cups

Bubble and Wax

Bubble and Wax a brand new website for a small local business, who was selling on Facebook and Instagram.

Now with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger integrations with Shopify, it allows for easier engagement and ordering process.

Bubble And Wax

T English Opticians

Dev Guy created T English Opticians, a local business that wants just to advertise and allow enquires online.

T English Opticians

Reckage At Home

Dev Guy also created Reckage At Home online store, with a more traditional clean web layout for selling Furniture and Accessories.

This shop was also developed on the Shopify platform.

Reckage At Home

Shopify has a host of features, including selling on facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Far too many to list here. See Shopify site for features.

More Stores coming soon...

More shopify stores in development right now..

Dev Guy is a Shopify Partner

Shopify is Dev Guys preferred shop platform, for developing online stores. Dev Guy is a Shopify Development Partner

Dev Guy is a Shopify Partner

Cloud Flare

All these websites use Cloud Flare for additional security and perfomance boost.


All these websites are GDPR compliant.

Sell directly on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Using Shopify you can sell directly face to face, sell on Facebook, in Messenger and on Instagram.

Checkout is completed in your store and Stock levels are all managed. Saving time and effort, while increasing sales.

Booking System

If you are looking for booking software, see our Booking Software. This software can be used for your trampoline, skate, inflatable park or similar business.

Deployment And Customisation

Dev Guy can do the deployment and any customisation you require, to meet your requirements.

Finance Agreement

Finance options are available for businesses, to help spread the cost of your development.

Finance has to be agreed through a 3rd party finance company.

Discuss Your Requirements or Require Further Information

If you would like to discuss your requirements or require any further information, then please don't hesitate to contact Dev Guy. Skype or Google Hangout sessions can be arranged to demo software.

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