Watermarks the Photo

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Photo on the left is the original. Photo on the right is watermarked across the middle.

Dev Guy then adds a watermark to the downloaded photos (This is an optional step).
A link to the image above, can be seen here on Eye Candy Nails & Training Website.

Key Points

  • Dev Guy can optionally add a watermark to your photos. The main image and the thumbnail image.
  • The watermark can be your choice. Most clients request their site URL, or facebook page url.
  • Why? These images are your copyright. The images are going to be published on the internet in many locations in social media sites. So it is good to mark them as your image, especially with your URL. More advertising.
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo plus other Search Engine crawlers (bots) will find the images and add them to their image directories.
  • The watermark will deter most individuals from using the image for their own use.
  • Depending upon the content, the images can often be downloaded and used in articles on the internet. This is great, as it is spreading the word of your work. The watermark helps retain the original website of the work, for users to find you.
  • Dev Guy detects the person who uploaded the photo and stores this association in the database too.
  • The watermark can be removed off the images by using a graphics package for the determined user, but more often than not, they select an image from another site, as its just easier to do so.
  • This process is pretty quick and can takes about a second to complete.

This step is automatic and completed by Dev Guy.

Discuss Your Requirements or Require Further Information

If you would like to discuss your requirements or require any further information, then please don't hesitate to contact Dev Guy. Skype or Google Hangout sessions can be arranged to demo software.

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