Its So Simple - Take A Photo

It's so simple, take a photo with your mobile phone,tablet or digital camera. Add a caption and upload it.

Single User can take photos Single User can take a photo. Multiple Users can take photos Multiple users can take photos.


There are so many uses where this could be used. Here are a just a few of them:-

  • Nail Tech/Beautician/Hairdresser taking a picture of their finished client.
  • Builder taking a picture of his finished work.
  • Estate Agent taking a picture of a new property coming onto the market.
  • Store Assist launching a new product.
  • Car Salesman adverting a new car for sale.
  • Plus many more...

Note: It is important that you take your own photo rather than just simply using one off the internet. The image off the internet may be subject to copyright, so you may be using the image illegally. Any photo that you actually remains remains your copyright.

Multiple Users can have a different account on Dev Guy, so that the photos are tagged with the individual who owns the account, so their name etc does not need typing nto the caption. So this reduces the time it takes to do an upload.

This step is completed by the user.

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